Major and Minor

Students develop an individual program that reflects their interest but is built on certain required courses to ensure that they acquire a common body of substantive knowledge, gain exposure to crucial ways of critical thinking, and explore several essential approaches to Native American and Indigenous Studies. For all major, modified major, and minor requests and questions, please contact the chair, N. Bruce Duthu


Revised Requirements for the NAS Major

  • Prerequisite: Native American Studies 8
  • One course in Literature and Languages: Native American Studies 31, 32, 34, 35, 41, or 47
  • One course in History and Culture: Native American Studies 10, 14, 15, 18, 19, 42, 55
  • One course in Governance and Sovereignty: Native American Studies 25, 36, 44 or 50
  • Culminating Experience: Native American Studies 81
  • Five electives: (Electives may include courses not already taken from the prerequisite and required course lists)

All required courses and most electives are usually offered on an annual basis. However, students should consult the Program for current course offerings and special course offerings for each term.

Requirements for the Minor

In order to qualify for a minor in Native American Studies, a student must successfully complete six courses in the Program, as follows

One Prerequisite: