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  • Trails on tribal lands in the United States

    Deyo, N, M. Bohdan, R. Burke, A. Kelley, B. van der Werff, et al.

    Landscape and Urban Planning 125: 130–139. (2014)

  • Tribal disruption and Indian claims

    Fletcher, M.L.M, K.E. Fort, Nicholas James Reo

    Michigan Law Review First Impressions 112(65): 65-72. (2014)

  • Vincent Soboleff: A Russian-American Photographer in Tlingit Country

    Sergei A. Kan

    Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. (2013)

  • Pen and Ink Witchcraft: Treaties and Treaty Making in American Indian History

    Colin Gordon Calloway

    Oxford University Press. (2013)


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