In this section, you can find information on the Department of Native American and Indigenous Studies library, some online resources that may be helpful for your research, and a number of fellowship opportunities that help to enhance our course and program offerings.

NAIS Research Library

This library is maintained by NAIS and is not a division of the Dartmouth College Library system. It is open to students, faculty, staff, local teachers, visitors, researchers and alumni. The collection has approximately 6,700 books, hundreds of journals, magazines, newspapers, and other materials, covering a diverse subject matter. However, the NAS library is not meant to be a duplication or alternative to the extensive collection on Native Americans held within the Dartmouth College library system. The NAIS library is a good place for students to begin their research.

Library Material

The NAIS library is non-circulating; the material contained within its collection is available for use only in the library. When a book is borrowed from a shelf, it should be left on the table or placed on the return book cart so it may be properly re-shelved. 

The library shelves are arranged in subject categories, alphabetically by author (except for the tribe section, which is arranged alphabetically by tribes). The categories are as follows:

  • Language
  • Women's Studies
  • History
  • Law & Policy, Legal Issues
  • Treaties, Documents
  • Reference and Bibliography
  • Exploration, Travel Journals
  • Demography and Geography
  • Atlases
  • Canada, Alaska, Points North
  • Art, Crafts, Photography, Material Culture
  • Religion, Medicine, Ethnobotany, the Natural World
  • Dance, Drama, Song, Music, Sports, Celebration, Pow Wows
  • Anthropology, Archeology, Science
  • Tribes
  • Tribal Regions (i.e. the California Indians)
  • Mythology
  • Contemporary Issues and Philosophy
  • Education and the Education Experience, Missions
  • Literature (creation stories, folklore, poetry, oral tradition, fiction, children's literature)

Location and Hours

The NAIS Library is located in The Sherman House at 37 North Main Street, Hanover, New Hampshire.

During most academic terms the NAIS library will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. When special functions are being held in the library, it will be unavailable to visitors.