Writing Prize Award Recipient

Alexanna Salmon (2008)

Alexanna Salmon (Yupik / Aleut). Alexanna graduated Dartmouth with a double major in Native American Studies and Anthropology.   Her award was based on her senior thesis:  'Igyararmiunguunga': Qallemciq Nunaka Man'I Kuicaraami-lu. 'I Belong to Igiugig': The Story of My Home on the Kvichak River."

Dailan Jake Long (2007)

Dailan Jake Long (Navajo). Dailan graduated with a major in Native American Studies. For his senior honors thesis: "Diyin Nohookaa Dine nihi'doo'nid, We are called the Holy Earth-Surface People: Navajo Resistance to Cultural Genocide, Environmental Injustice, and the Desert Rock Energy Project."