Tribal Scholar Fellowship Alumni

Dagmar Seely (2009-2010)

Dagmar Seely (Sac and Fox of Oklahoma) NAS Visiting Tribal Scholar 2009-2010. Dagmar is in her 4th year as a Ph.D. student at Indiana University, Bloomington. She received a Master of Arts in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University in 2005.Her two primary academic areas of interest are philanthropic studies and higher education. While at Dartmouth Dagmar worked on her research project regarding Mohegan scholar and fundraiser Samson Occom. Her primary research is the role of Samson as an American Indian fundraiser set within the cultural, historical, educational, and sociological context of his time. Dagmar is the granddaughter of the famed Jim Thorpe.

Janet Campbell Hale (2007)

Janet Campbell Hale (Coeur d'Alene)  Was our Tribal Scholar for Fall Term, 2007.  A gifted poet and prose writer, Janet lives on the reservation in Idaho. While she was here she was doing research on the history of her tribe for an upcoming guide to tribal history, culture, land, and tribal government, sponsored by her  tribal council.

Joseph Brewer (2007 - 2008)

Joseph Brewer (Tsalagi, Oglala Lakota from the Meskwaki Community, Tama, Iowa). 2007-2008.  Joe was awarded the tribal scholarship at Dartmouth in order to do work on his project "Agriculture and Natural Resources Management for American Indian Tribes: An Extension Agent's View." While he worked on this project he provided great leadership and direction for many of our students. His wife Nanabah Allison-Brewer was the Women's Volley Ball Coach at Dartmouth at the same time, so the whole family became part of our community.  Joe is now with Nanabah and their two daughters in South Dakota.

Andrew J. Hope III (2007 - 2008)

Andrew J. Hope III (Tlingit / Sitka).  NAS Tribal Scholar 2008. Andy held a Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  He was the coordinator for the Alaska Federation of Natives / Southeast Alaska Region.  During Spring term, 2007, Andy worked his fellowship at Dartmouth in preparing a Web site for the Tlingit Clan Conferences held in Alaska.  He was a poet, tribal elder and leader, dedicating his life to the advancement of all Alaska Native people. We thoroughly enjoyed having Andy with us for a brief period of time.  He went back to Alaska in June 2007. We were very sad to learn that Andy passed away after a brief battle with cancer, in Juneau, Thursday, 7 Aug., 2008 (age 58).  "He upheld his family in a loving way," said his mother. "His family was happy to live in his shadow." His family and friends recalled his words: "You don't need to take the credit, let others take the credit, as long as the work gets done." Andy was dearly loved and will be deeply missed by his family and many friends.

Memorial Clan Conference for Andy Hope: