Meet our graduates

"On behalf of my colleagues in Native American Studies, I want to extend our heartiest congratulations on your graduation from Dartmouth.   The path toward receiving a college degree is never easy, but your class has endured challenges that, in isolation and collectively, have been monumental and unprecedented:  a global pandemic whose effects will still be felt for months or years to come; a nation as deeply polarized over issues of race, class and politics and as inclined to violence as we've ever experienced in our history; and the existential crisis of climate change that may soon dwarf these other issues.  In many respects, the challenges awaiting the graduates of your generation have perhaps never been greater.  At the same time, we recognize that there are few better prepared to take on the burdens unfairly laid before you and to work towards a better, healthier, and more just society", writes Professor N. Bruce Duthu.


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