NAS and COVID-19

NAS is hard at work to make sure students continue their education.

In the current public health crisis, your first priority, of course, is to look after yourself and your family. Meanwhile, the faculty and staff of Native American Studies are working, along with the rest of the College, to ensure that you can continue your education. NAS is offering classes remotely in the Spring term. (Please visit the Dartmouth Timetable for a list of the available classes).  We understand that the new system of teaching will affect people differently according to their individual circumstances and that concerns and difficulties are likely to arise.

In this period of transition, and throughout the Spring, faculty and staff are available online for consultation and guidance and to answer questions. The Program Chair ( and Program Administrator ( will be checking e-mail regularly on a daily basis to help you navigate through as much uncertainty as we can. (Please include us both on your inquiries to help us deal with them more efficiently). Any student who wants a virtual office meeting with the chair simply needs to send an e-mail, preferably giving several available times, and in most cases we will arrange it the same day.

These are dark days and there will be times when you feel far from Dartmouth, but there will be no time when you are far from our thoughts. Take care and keep in touch.