Maile Arvin (2012-2013)

Maile Arvin (2012-2013) -(Native Hawaiian) received her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies at the University of California at San Diego. Her dissertation, "The Science of Settler Colonialism: Native Hawaiian Indigeneity Amidst Hawai'i's 'Racial Mix,' examines the legacies of scientific constructions of race in Hawai'i for Native Hawaiians. Her work uses Indigenous feminist frameworks in addressing the history of eugenics, blood quantum, and the image of Hawaii 'i as a multicultural, "racial paradise" as well as the complicated ways that Native Hawaiians today respond to the consequences of these histories. Her interests also include: anti-colonial feminisms, human rights and global Indigenous movements, genomics, science and technology studies, and Pacific Island/Oceania studies. She is currently at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in the History of Art and Visual Culture dept. She is the University of California's Presidents Postdoctoral Fellow.