Jeremy M. Mikecz

Neukom Fellow


209 Sherman House
HB 6152


  • B.A. Washington University, St. Louis
  • M.A. Central European University
  • Ph.D, University of California, Davis

Selected Publications

  • Peer-Review Publications:

    2020      "Beyond Cajamarca: Decentering European Invaders through a Spatial History Approach," forthcoming in the Hispanic American Historical Review 100:2 (May 2020).

    2017      "Peering beyond the Imperial Gaze: Towards a Spatial History of Conquest" in the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing's special issue on the value of digital humanities scholarship to the discipline of geography (March 2017).

    2011      "The Place that Lies Between: Slavonia in the 10th and 11th Centuries," in Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU 17 (2011): 61-78.


    Co-authored articles:

    2016      with Myron Gutmann, et al. "Migration in the 1930s: Beyond the Dust Bowl" in Social Science History 40, no. 4 (2016): 707-740.


    Other Publications:

    2018      Feshtscrift: "Crossing the Abyss: A Brief History of the Apurímac Canyon at the Time of the Spanish Invasion of Inka Peru (1533)," in Festschrift in Honor of József Laszlovszky (Archaeolingua Publishing House, Nov 2018). Available at:

    2015      Book Review (in Spanish): Marco Curatola Petrocchi and José Carlos Puente de la Luna, El quipu colonial in: Revista Andina 53 (2015): 358-361

Works In Progress

Book (In progress):

Mapping Invasion: A Spatial History of the Spanish Invasion of Indigenous Peru (1528 – 1537)